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We own the appropriate resources and commercial expertise to execute any e-commerce business plan. We are able to handle any project, from standard retail e-shops to multi-vendor marketplaces or B2B solutions, because we have created our own unique e-commerce solution using API of globaly famous e-commerce platforms.

Our Approach

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Product quality is the key, so we built our processes around quality-driven development.We follow the agile methodology to stay flexible and meet your needs as they change and grow along with your project. We follow these steps which are part of development cycle:

1. Analyzing your needs

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We collaborate closely with you during the initial stages of a project to fully understand the objectives and specifications of your solution, your target market, as well as your personal aesthetic preferences.

We make decisions about things like:

  • Online payment gateways
  • Shipping methods and costs
  • Availability management
  • Product catalog, categories, product feautures etc.
  • Language localisation and multilingual content
  • Promotions, discounts and coupon scenarios
  • Boring terms and policies for refunds, order tracking etc.
  • integration with 3rd party marketplaces like Skroutz and Bestprice

The specifics of your project may necessitate taking into account additional factors. For example, if you need to manage tens of thousands of products, we will need to set up automatic availability and catalog updates on a regular basis, as well as extensive performance tuning. It will be important to run vendor-specific reports and exports if you operate a marketplace. It will be vital to use electronic invoicing if you manage a large volume of orders.

2. BeSpoke Design that Rocks

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At this stage, our art directors and graphic designers create design suggestions. Each design proposal includes designs for the homepage, contact page, products listing page, and any other major elements of your website. You can examine each design through an interactive Zeplin preview link. If you approve of our proposal, we make any necessary corrections and move on to the next round. If not, we reject this suggestion and return to you with a completely new set of designs.

3. Front End Development

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Approved designs of the previous step are turned into actual website pages that can be accessed by any device. We put a lot of emphasis on creating precisely the same visual output in all different browsers and devices during the HTML production process, which naturally must be exactly the same with the designs.

4. CMS

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CMS stands for Content Management System. You may add new pages, post photographs, and control practically every aspect of your website using a CMS, or content management system. A CMS powers the vast majority of all contemporary content-rich websites.

5. Integrating e-commerce engine

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This stage involves setting up the sections for the member's area, cart, online payments, and product catalog. We also set up any interfaces with external product feeds, courier APIs, ERP systems, and other third-party systems.

6. Start using your CMS

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Your website is technically ready to go. Indicative content that you provide us (texts, videos, photographs, etc.) is uploaded to the website after it has been deployed to a staging URL, and we train you and your employees on how to utilize the CMS back-end so that you may update the website whenever you want without incurring any additional charges.

7. SEO. Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization can be a somewhat overwhelming subject. There are so many aspects that influence the ranking of your website in the search engines. We understand exactly how the procedure works and have created corresponding tasks for every SEO contract we run.

Why is structured data important for SEO. Structured data is important for SEO because it’ll make it easier for Google to understand what your pages, and your website are about.

Read the story about SEO Structured data

8. Setting up web analytics and feeds for third-parties

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We turn on the web analytics and the feeds for external websites just before going live.

Common web analytics comprise:

  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Ads Remarketing Events
  • Skroutz Analytics

Common feeds for external websites include:

  • Google product feeds
  • Facebook product feeds
  • Skroutz product feeds
  • product feeds

9. Start selling

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Your website finally goes live under your official domain after one last operational check.

Make the right choice

Simply make sure that your partner takes on a truly consulting mindset, has deep technical knowledge, and makes the effort to understand and focus on your business goals.

By working with a trusted technical partner who offers an interdisciplinary team and shares their established marketing process, you will be able to ensure your project’s success.